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 havent been very well at all lately:*( for several months ive been quite ill.  Everytime I go to make a doctors appointment it gets a bit better, so I cancel it and then it flares up again! have an appointment for a few weeks time, no doubt they will do what they normally do, not even look or do anything but sit in their chair next to their computer, tell me ive probably got a virus and tell me to go away.  Its not a virus, viruses dont last this long with the same symptom.  Cant work properly, havent dne any charity stuff for a long while, and dont feel upto doing art.  Just not well.

 bllleeh.  Not feeling myself lately.  Was going to go and see the new pier at Weston, but feel that bad weather on top of being ill already will only lead to making it worse, so have opted to stay in bed tucked up with a water bottle!

 Can it be summer again yet?  bored of winter already!

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