ponthir (ponthir) wrote,

fun finds

 been making the mose of the nice weather and been out in the shed clearing out my old stuff.  Found all sorts of hidden treasures!

Found photos of me when I was really little, some horse models I used to collect, unfortunately one of the ones I first got as a present is smashed.  Not even sure how they got in the shed as they were supposed to be in safe storage! I was a bit upset to find them all smashed and damaged:( if I could find all the missing parts I could attempt a repair job but alas lots are just asmahed beyond repair.

 but, also found some old school books, and a very old purse! inside was alot of foreign currency, including Deutcsh Marks, Pesos, Lira , some Dollars and a 10 Dutch Guilders!

 I also found my old school library card and a receipt from 1997, along with a bus ticket.  Looking at the prices which are still readable you can see how much inflation has gone up!

 wanted to have a rummage before the impending storm hits! Bristol is on an amber warning tommorow for bad weather! eek!  might get a bit soggy!

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