ponthir (ponthir) wrote,

sorry for lack of posting

 Unfortunately ive been a bit preoccupied trying to sort some r-life stuff out. :(  Feel like a bit of a recluse atm as havent been out for ages, havent suited for ages, drawn for ages or done anything for myself for ageeeess. 

 Hopefully things will change soon!  need more hours in the day!   Would love to go to a con one day, though they all seem to fall on dates which are impossible for me to get off work. Hey ho, one day!:)

today I have mostly hedge trimmed the whole garden :D last time I used the hedge trimmer I cut through the cable... tht was a few years ago... and today I decided.. I will try again!  seemed to go ok... I did run out of things to hedge trim after a while and got left with lots of bits of leaves ot clear up... which wasnt so fun as they were mixed with lots of angry ants who werent happy I hedge trimmed their house...

its been quite wet and miserable in the southeast, not sure what happned to the supposed heatwave!  hate living by myself atm.. esp when its so grey and miserable outside, want someone to hug upto on the sofa:)

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