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people and online issues

the world of technology, can sometimes lead people to believe you are permenetly attached to your computer or your phone!

I came home from work the other day to 75 messages getting more and more stressed from a friend of mine in a tizz.  My parents are just as bad if I dont answer my phone I am ignoring them.

sometimes.. people you have to remember there are reasons people done reply straight away.  Dont always assume the worst.

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 havent been very well at all lately:*( for several months ive been quite ill.  Everytime I go to make a doctors appointment it gets a bit better, so I cancel it and then it flares up again! have an appointment for a few weeks time, no doubt they will do what they normally do, not even look or do anything but sit in their chair next to their computer, tell me ive probably got a virus and tell me to go away.  Its not a virus, viruses dont last this long with the same symptom.  Cant work properly, havent dne any charity stuff for a long while, and dont feel upto doing art.  Just not well.

 bllleeh.  Not feeling myself lately.  Was going to go and see the new pier at Weston, but feel that bad weather on top of being ill already will only lead to making it worse, so have opted to stay in bed tucked up with a water bottle!

 Can it be summer again yet?  bored of winter already!
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fun finds

 been making the mose of the nice weather and been out in the shed clearing out my old stuff.  Found all sorts of hidden treasures!

Found photos of me when I was really little, some horse models I used to collect, unfortunately one of the ones I first got as a present is smashed.  Not even sure how they got in the shed as they were supposed to be in safe storage! I was a bit upset to find them all smashed and damaged:( if I could find all the missing parts I could attempt a repair job but alas lots are just asmahed beyond repair.

 but, also found some old school books, and a very old purse! inside was alot of foreign currency, including Deutcsh Marks, Pesos, Lira , some Dollars and a 10 Dutch Guilders!

 I also found my old school library card and a receipt from 1997, along with a bus ticket.  Looking at the prices which are still readable you can see how much inflation has gone up!

 wanted to have a rummage before the impending storm hits! Bristol is on an amber warning tommorow for bad weather! eek!  might get a bit soggy!
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 time really flies, seems I was only there not long ago but it was a year.  I suspect it would be my last time due to other time committments.

 I contemplated going for this weekend going friday and coming back sunday but I dont have anyone to stay with and my family werent around to give me a lift to Bristol airport or back again sunday.. I remember once I went visiting my friends in the Netherlands and my flight got delayed for so long I missed the last bus from the airport home and my parents came and rescued me at 2am.  Bless. 

maybe one day:) I need a new suit anyhows... 

wow two posts in a day:D

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sorry for lack of posting

 Unfortunately ive been a bit preoccupied trying to sort some r-life stuff out. :(  Feel like a bit of a recluse atm as havent been out for ages, havent suited for ages, drawn for ages or done anything for myself for ageeeess. 

 Hopefully things will change soon!  need more hours in the day!   Would love to go to a con one day, though they all seem to fall on dates which are impossible for me to get off work. Hey ho, one day!:)

today I have mostly hedge trimmed the whole garden :D last time I used the hedge trimmer I cut through the cable... tht was a few years ago... and today I decided.. I will try again!  seemed to go ok... I did run out of things to hedge trim after a while and got left with lots of bits of leaves ot clear up... which wasnt so fun as they were mixed with lots of angry ants who werent happy I hedge trimmed their house...

its been quite wet and miserable in the southeast, not sure what happned to the supposed heatwave!  hate living by myself atm.. esp when its so grey and miserable outside, want someone to hug upto on the sofa:)
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sunshine and showers

 Had great fun in Bristol, went into the town centre to find the International chocolate festival! a whole festival dedicated to my favourite food what more could you want?! :D

 I went round all the free samples:P including Thorntons chocolate liquor!:D  and chocolate coated coffee beans.  it was the best day of shopping ever!:P

 I did browse by and stare longingly at the new ipod touch, but decided it would be a waste, as I aleady have a normal ipod and i could only use its internet in wifi areas which negates what i need it for. 

 then it rained... lots...  the met office said sunshine..  so I didnt take an umbrella or rain coat:(  but the sky turned black and I had to run for cover and invest in another raincoat!

oh well:)

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I think I need a holiday! im very tired! mayby its the weather, warm and stuffy! could do with a nice break near some nice palm trees, mayby a nice clear sea with warm water so i can paddle and listen to the waves and sunshine:)

or i could just stay here and enjoy the stuffyness and rain and work and not go to EF! :(

hope everyone has fun!
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